B-MAX 2012 – Engine – 1.4L Duratec-16V (66kW/90PS) – Valve Clearance Adjustment – General Procedures

Engine - 1.4L Duratec-16V (66kW/90PS) - Valve Clearance AdjustmentB-MAX 2012.75 (01/2012-)
General Procedures

General Equipment
Feeler Gauge
???????? ????? - 5W-20
Flange Sealant Anaerobic LP-IMP


  1. Refer to: Battery Disconnect and Connect (414-01 Battery, Mounting and Cables, General Procedures).

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  1. cautionNOTICE: Only rotate the crankshaft clockwise.

    Rotate the crankshaft until the corresponding piston is at TDC and then measure the valve clearance(s).
    Use the General Equipment: Feeler Gauge
  1. Measure and note the valve clearance values.
  1. Compare the measured valve clearance(s) with the specifications.
    Refer to: Specifications (303-01C Engine - 1.4L Duratec-16V Flex Fuel (71kW/96PS) – Sigma, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Specifications).

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  1. cautionNOTICE: Make sure that the mating faces are clean and free of foreign material.

    3-4 turn(s)
    2-13 10 Nm
    14 10 Nm

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  1. Torque: 8 Nm

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NOTE: The following steps are only necessary if adjustment is required.

  1. Remove the following items:
    • Refer to: Camshafts (303-01C Engine - 1.4L Duratec-16V Flex Fuel (71kW/96PS) – Sigma, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Removal and Installation).
    • Remove the valve tappet and read the thickness from the underside.
    • The number on the valve tappet indicates the thickness of the bottom of the tappet. However, the number only indicates the digits after the decimal point (example: 725 = 2.725).
  1. Calculate the valve tappet thickness required (thickness of the currently installed tappet + the measured valve clearance - the required valve clearance).
  1. Install the correct valve tappet.
  1. goggles gloves

    NOTE: The component must be installed within 5 minutes of applying the sealant.

    Complete this step within: 5min

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    1. 1. NOTICE:

      caution Make sure that the components are installed to the position noted before removal.

      caution Make sure that new bolts are installed.

      Bearing must be lubricated with clean engine oil.
    1. Install the camshafts approximately at valve overlap position cylinder No. 4.
    1. Tighten each bolt 0.5 turn at a time, until the components are in full contact, before final tightening.
      Stage 1:
      7 Nm
      Stage 2:

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    • Turn the crankshaft back by 45° (counter to the normal direction of rotation).
    • Turn the camshafts to measure the valve clearance.
    • Repeat the procedure as necessary until all valve clearances are within the specified tolerance.
    • Turn the crankshaft until it stops against the special tool.
  1. Refer to: Camshaft Seal (303-01C Engine - 1.4L Duratec-16V Flex Fuel (71kW/96PS) – Sigma, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Removal and Installation).

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