B-MAX 2012 – Warning Chimes – Warning Chimes – Visual Inspection Chart

Warning Chimes - Warning ChimesB-MAX 2012.75 (01/2012-)
Diagnosis and Testing

Ford diagnostic equipment

Refer to Wiring Diagram Section 046-1 for schematic and connector information.

Principles of Operation

Belt Minder

The belt minder feature is a supplemental warning that augments the current safety belt warning function. This feature continually reminds the driver that their safety belt is unbuckled by intermittently sounding a chime and illuminating the safety belt warning indicator in the instrument cluster once the vehicle speed has exceeded 5 mph (7 km/h). The passenger front seat incorporate a seat mat minder for the beltminder feature and the presence of a passenger is detected by a sensor in the passenger seat mat.

Immediately after the ignition is turned to position II the belt minder is activated. The belt minder alternates from ON for six seconds and OFF for 30 seconds until deactivated.

The belt minder will be deactivated under the following conditions:

If the customer buckles their safety belt prior to the belt minder becoming active, the belt minder will remain inactive, therefore will not provide a reminder, until the correct conditions are met as described above on the NEXT ignition cycle from OFF or position I to position II.

Inspection and Verification

Visual Inspection Chart

  • Safety belt buckle switch
  • Passenger seat mat minder
  • Fuse(s)
  • Wiring harness(es)
  • Electrical connector(s)
  • Switch(es)
  • Sensor(s)
  • Restraints control module (RCM)

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